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Oct 21, 2016 at 03:20 PM

How to test ABAP proxy in eclipse


Hi guys,

I have been using Eclipse with HANA, ABAP, UI5, and cloud plugins for over a year now.
Recently I have been implementing several proxy interfaces in ABAP and am always switching back to SAPGUI (logon) to test the ABAP interface.
This because I am unable to figure out how to test it in eclipse.
When starting SPROXY in eclipse and opening a generated proxy a native eclipse screen opens with all the details about the proxy implementation and intrface. When trying to run it like it would be tested in SPROXY on SAPGUI a new unfamiliar (at least to me) window opens.
It is in that window that I am totally lost, I expected to get some template of the xml that it accepts with the ability to change the dummy data in the template and then execute the proxy.

Could anyone explain the use of the proxy testing in eclipse or refer to some place where it is well documented since I was unable to find something about this.

With kind regards,