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Identification type CRM002 is deleting in BP T-code at EWM when we do any change in ECC vendor

Jan 10 at 11:51 AM


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Hi SapGurus,

When we do any change in ECC vendor then Identification type CRM002 is deleting in BP T-code at EWM system.

So its stuck in next further processing.

Hence request you to suggest me how to avoid this issue.



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Apologize Jurgen.

Henceforth will maintain right tag.

Thank you,


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2 Answers

Yaping Wang Jan 14 at 09:31 PM

Hi Shabareesh,

My company also has the same problem. I assume you are using the same vendor # and customer # (e.g. onetime) in ECC side while in SCM system, there is only one business partner (t-code BP) in SCM side. Both ECC side vendor and customer are pointing to one BP in SCM. This brings the problems:

1. You will need to manually maintain the CRM002 or CRM004 for 1st time CIF running completed depending which one runs first.

2. Each time, there is key field change in ECC side (e.g. Country), system will automatically update SCM BP to delete another CRMxxx. If you are changing e.g. country for onetime vendor, SCM BP will delete CRM002 - because when you update vendor, system only CIF vendor information, thus CRM002 is not necessary or not right from vendor viewpoint. You will need to manually add it back. Same for onetime customer, it will delete CRM004 if you change country for onetime customer.

Currently I suggested ECC side to have different vendor and customer code instead of using same one. e.g. for onetime - we can differentiate by using onetimeV and onetimeC. This will avoid your issue in the future.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.



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Dear YP,

Thanks for your help. But my customer is not ready to do any manual changes i.e. to add CRM002 at BP T-Code.

So I have found one NOTE - 1661867, here SAP suggested us to implement some logic. Hence am trying to implement/changes as per SAP NOTE.

Request you to let me know your comments on this if you have any.

Thank you agian.



Hi Shabareesh,

We have read this note before unfortunately this only helps you to CIF both vendor and customer over into same BP but can't make sure role in BP always there. If your customer is not ready for manual changes, I will suggest to use different vendor and customer number to avoid this issue (e.g. onetimeC, onetimeV) - this issue should only exist for onetime vendor/customer unless your customer number range and vendor number range are same.




Dear Yp,

If I use above SAP NOTE, then what will be the issue? Could you please elaborate it.

Because customer is not accepting to use different vendor number & customer number.

Thank you in advance.





sorry, but what is so difficult about this: ?



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Thanks Juergen for your feedback!

Hi Shabareesh,

Juergen is right. The note 1661867 you mentioned will solve part of problem depending on your system, you also need to implement note 1661932 in SCM side.

Then follow link in Juergen's reply to change in the configuration.

I also learned - it is useful to resolve my problem as well.

Thanks all for your input!

Markus Kaas
Jan 11 at 09:52 AM

Hi Shabareesh,

you mentioned that you are working with an ECC vendor.

ID-Type CRM002 is "R/3 Customer Number". I would expect that when you transfer this via CIF to EWM it gets there an entry with ID type = CRM004 (=R/3 Vendor Number).

So does it on EWM side not have any ID type mapping (under tab "Identification" in transaction BP ) or does it have an entry with CRM004?

How did it get the ID type CRM002 before? Did you enter it manually?

Best regards


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Hi Markus,

In EWM, Under tcode BP - ID type CRM004 entry is available but only CRM002 entry is going to erase after if we do some change in ECC vendor.

ID type CRM002 also will add in BP t-code under identification because we are using customer in VENDOR MASTER DATA in ECC.