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Not able to see the question and once we read answer we cant open it again

Jan 10 at 09:25 AM


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I am not able to use the new UI easily.

1. Yesterday i posted and question but dont see it anywhere.

2. Once some one answers my question once i read it then next time i cant read it again. I should make the message as unread and only then i can read it again. Is this for every one or am i doing something wrong

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Sajid Amir
Jan 10 at 01:28 PM

Hello Maruti,

Thanks for posting here with your concerns. You can see all your published questions, blog posts, answers and discussions on your profile. You can visit your profile by clicking on your name anywhere on our community, or by visiting You can also access your profile by clicking your universal avatar (your photo) on the top right of this screen, and then clicking on your name in the drop-down. Once on your profile, you will notice that all content that you have authored are listed there.

As for your second point here, I am not sure what you are describing. Whenever any user answers your question, you will receive a notification here: As long as the answer is not deleted, you will be able to view that answer either by clicking on the link from notifications, or simply by visiting the question thread via other methods.

You can read more about our Community features and functions in our "About Community" pages here:



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hi Sajid thanks. Actually i dont know why i was not able to see my questions when i clicked on my profile from few days. Today i am able to see.

More details on my second question. We can see this only when you try open the notifications which you have already read. When we reach notification section and read the answer it changes from unread to read. Later again when u go to notifications you cant open the "READ" messages only unread can be opened. But we can open every question from our profile this should not be a problem. As i had some issue accessing my profile i was trying to open few read answers from notifications. To open in read notifications i have to mark it as unread and then i have to click to open. But anyways now profile is loading correctly i am able to look all my questions. But thanks a lot for taking time to write answer for me


Hello Maruti,

Thanks for following up! I wanted to let you know that I can click on links in notifications regardless of whether they are read or not:

You should be able to do the same! Please let me know if I got this wrong.

Best regards,

Sajid Amir

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I think there was issue with my webpages, i reinstalled my browsers with help of IT and now everything works fine. But really thanks for taking time and answering even such basic question with screen shots. Thanks a lot. Everything works for me fine now. I double checked on many threads to make sure before replying and its fine.