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how to draw a bold like across a simple graph

Jan 10 at 01:29 AM


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I have a straightforward graph of grade point averages for a college student, the Semester GPA and then the Cumulative GPA

I need to draw a bold line on the 2.0 line. I don't think you can do this with chart properties. So I just placed a cell on top of the chart at the 2.0 value line, with a nice crisp bold border.

The cell is aligned to the top of the chart. But in some cases it's good, in other cases it's not, and I can't figure out why ...
- the chart size is fixed
- the line is aligned to 1.43" below the top of the chart.


Doesn't work ... :-( but why? The graph size isn't changing with the data.

So what could be the reason the line isn't in the same position every time?

I had a suggestion to try a second chart, but it's still overlaying. I'd like to find out why my solution doesn't work.

Another suggestion was to create a constant as another data series, but that's not ideal - there are data markers, etc., so not usable imo.

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William Peck Jan 10 at 04:29 PM

Ah, the graphs were the same size, but the scaling was different. So I increased the size of the graph, so the scaling was always the same, and voila!

So the line itself was fixed at 1.43" from the top of the chart, but the scaling of the Y axis shifted!

Now the X-axis data is always vertical and so we're good.

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Jan 10 at 09:14 AM

right click on the cell->format cell and uncheck the auto width & height options and set your specfic hight and width.

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see below, thx.


ah, if you look ever so carefully at my original post, it works when the X-axis legend is angled (for college seniors, who have more data points). Those below senior class have less data points and their horizontal legend is horizontal. So that chart is re-sizing somehow, although visually it looks the same size.

So I see what's going on and now have to figure out a way to deal with it.


Increase the width so that all data points can accommodate.later with relative position align so that it will come near to 2

William Peck Jan 10 at 01:47 PM


thanks (you're always here for me ...)

but didn't work ...

Here it's good ...

but a couple of records down it's moved ...

I could overlay another graph (as had been suggested in other posts and on BOBJ Forum), but (as they also said), I might run into the same problems.

What's going on here? You can see that the range of the Y-axis is fixed, 0 - 4, so nothing is changing

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it seems issue is with your X-axis values.Attaching the screenshot of your two both orientation is different and might be that causing the issue.

Increase the width of your graph so that orientation always same.

untitled.png (15.7 kB)