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Tree component selection is confusing

Jan 09 at 10:17 PM


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We have a use-case in SAP Lumira Designer 2.0 where it is needed to filter a main data-source based on selected region(s), which are oranized as hierarchy. Therefore we use a Tree component, set 'Selection Mode' to 'Multi' and bind it to the data-source which contains the region hierarchy. The event 'On Select' triggers the update of the main data-source based on the user selected region(s). This works fine, but we find the UI interaction with the Tree component quite confusing:

1) If the user selects a node (lets say 'Nordics') and at the same time a child-node of it (lets say 'Norway'), the filtering of the main data-source is performed for 'Nordics', because its the higher in the hierarchy. It "overrules" the also selected 'Norway'. For the user this can be quite confusing: He maybe thinks, that he only selected 'Norway' and that 'Nordics' is only marked as selected to indicate that its the parent and so helps with navigation. But in reality he could also additionally select 'Finland' and still dont see any changes.

In our opinion in a multi-select scenario the component should look different. Many known programs use check-symbols to indicate that an item is selected (or if contains sub-items, that all of them are selected) and square-symbols to indicate, that it is partly selected (which means, that some but not all of its sub-items are selected). Here is an example, how Microsoft does it:

2) Lets say the user only selects 'Norway' and select another region 'Benelux' which is below 'UK/Bx'. So he selected 2 regions and the main data-source is updated accordingly.

Now he collapse 'Nordics' and selects 'Total UK'. We think his expectation is, that 'Norway', 'Benelux' and 'Total UK' is selected, even if 'Norway' is not visible because 'Nordics' was collapsed. But when expanding 'Nordics' again, we found out, that the selection of 'Norway' was removed. But no 'On Update' event was triggered when collapsing the 'Nordics'. In our opinion 'Norway' should stay selected even when 'Nordics' is closed or there should be an 'On Update' event triggered when 'Nordics' is collapsed. But not silently removing the selection.

What do you think about our findings?

Is the Tree multi-select behaviour changeable by us?

We are very interested in your opinions and looking forward to it, thank you!

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Is your data source a BEx query or universe? If universe, see this link

If it is BEx, option 1 is working as expected...I'm trying to find slides to help.

Are you using SP2 or SP3 of Lumira 2.0?

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Tammy Powlas

Our data source is a BEx query and we are using SP2 of Lumira 2.0.

Thank you!

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Mustafa Bensan Jan 11 at 02:17 PM

Hi Julian,

I can confirm your findings and agree that the user experience for the multi-select mode is not ideal. As far as I know, you cannot add check boxes to the standard or change the filtering behaviour for parent nodes. I can only suggest two options:

1) Trying the SDK Hierarchy Selector Component, although I suspect that this may not be compatible with Lumira Designer as it looks like it is based on the UI5 tree component from the commons library, which is no longer supported as of Lumira Designer; or

2) Evaluating the partner extensions on the SAP App Center.



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Hello Mustafa,

thanks for your answer and the suggested options!

We already thought that we can not change the default behaviour. However, is it possible to create an improvement request at SAP for this findings? Maybe a SAP developer is motivated to change this in a future release of Lumira Designer. If yes: Where do i have to open it?

Thank you and Regards,