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Apr 28, 2008 at 03:49 AM

Change status of serial profile


Dear all gurus,

I got the helps from sap expert(s) here previously which is regarding the remove of the serial profile after some quantities posted with serial no in the material master. The answer is no way we can delete the serial profile in the material master, therefore, the only workaround is to change the profile to a serial dummy profile which do not set up any serializing procedure in it.

I successfully done at all this stages, and the system will not ask for the serial no when I perform some goods movement (although the "serial no tab" is still there. eg. balance of stocks = 2 pcs

By the way, when I look at the MMBE --> serial no, I'm still able to see those records with serial no. Is there anyway to remove this records (with serial no)? (2 pcs with serial nos)

However, I got another situation here:

After I changed (re-assign) to "serial dummy profile - w/o serializing procedure", I posted some quantities (3 pcs) without serial no. to the material.

At this point of time... my stock balance is 5 pcs, and now I switch it back to "serial profile" from dummy profile. The system will start to ask to fill in the serial no when perform goods movement. However, due to the 2 pcs with serial no available, i'm able to issue them w/o problem. But, when comes to the balance of 3 pcs which do not have any serialno at all, the system is not allow me to post the transactions.

Is there any alternative workaround if the user requested to use the serial no profile again after sometimes on the same material?

Thanks and appreciate for your reading for this long story here. Good points would be awarded with results.


Edwin Fu