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Apr 27, 2008 at 02:19 PM

Portal components or Webdynpro for online test tool


Dear All,

We have a requirement to develop a training/test tool.

About tool and its functionalities:

Text pages about topic1 followed by objective questions based on this text. Questions can be single choice or multiple choices. Then again text pages about topic 2 and its questions

After attempting each question there will be evaluation page stating answer given is correct or wrong. There will be final score sheet at last with no of right questions, each question and its right answer and answer attempted.

There will be save button to store the session manually. Suppose trainee has started tool and made some progress he want to attempt rest of the training later, he can save it and with help of reload training at start page he can start from same page where he has left.

There will be a navigation panel at right side of each page with page info. Navigation will be linear in the sense if user is at page 3 of training he can go to page 2 but not to page 5 .To do so he has to pass page 4.

Also there will be intermediate result after each chapter.

Page Layout that we want for tool:

Left side of page will contain text/question .At right side navigation panel will be placed. At bottom of the page progress bar, save and previous and next button will be there. At top left corner home, cancel, print links will be there.

We need to finalize:

What technology we go ahead to develop this tool. Which will be more suitable for this webdynpro or portal components (JspDynpage)?

Where to store data (text and questions).what will be preferable to use WAS database or to store in KM.

How to implement this navigation structure?

We need to focus more on styling of UI acc to client requirement.

Kindly provide your valuable inputs.