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Copy inspection results with close indicator in customizing not working for SPC.

Jan 08 at 09:52 AM


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I read all documentation guidelines for the automatic results copy. Thus i made the necessary customizing settings. After testing the function all results are copied into the new inspection lot. Moreover all characteristics which are not SPC relevant transferred into status 5 as wanted. Is there a specific reason why SPC characteristics cannot be copied and closed with status 5 or do i miss some settings?

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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Craig S
Jan 12 at 07:42 PM

The evaluation is by spec is determined by an averaged, rolling average or median values. I.e. you have one number in the end to compare against a tolerance. Pretty cut and dry.

But an evaluation mode is being calculated against an SPC chart that is unique to the data points recorded. Each SPC chart type is different depending on the chart type, how it's evaluated, how many points, etc, etc,, I don't believe that scientifically speaking, it would be appropriate to copy those values to another lot. Or at least, not appropriate enough in enough cases that SAP supports it. Maybe for a few chart types it might be, but not enough for SAP to support it as a general rule. I don't think it is really a technical issue that SAP decided not to support this, but more a best practices reason to not support it.

But I'm not a process engineer or statistician so don't take my word for it. They might have a better answer for you.


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Thanks a lot for your answer. Sometimes you can find a logical and maybe subjective reason why it is not working. For me thats ok in this point. Unfortunately no documentation describes these missing functions. So mostly you have to analyse: Customizing then Debugging, thats time consuming. As an additional example: It is not possible to copy results which are rejected if they are customized with automatic failure generation for the case that the copy function is triggered at starting QE51n or calculating sample sizes. If you copy results inside an inspection lot from one inspection point to another it is possible. Thats weird.


I'm not sure why it's weird. Typically copying within a lot from point to point is done because the run is a single batch and the results being copied are related. I.e. its the same batch of material and the values from point to point might not change all that much, if at all depending on what your are testing.

If you start another batch, and hence another lot, you're operating under a whole new set of parameters. A different day maybe, different charge temperatures, different ambient air temperatures, maybe. It might be you reuse filters in the process for so many runs, so filtration efficiency is different during each run. I don't know. But typically you shouldn't copy SPC values from one batch run to another.


You're absolutely right with your argumentation. But then it should be strictly forbidden for all SPC. What is weird for me is not the fact that SPC does not work.
It is the fact that accepted SPC characteristics can be copied with evaluation mode for tolerance limits. But rejected ones cannot. Thanks a lot for your effort. With some programming i reached what i wanted but thats not the proper way i normally go. So finally thanks for your effort. :)

Gangwolf Jonas Jan 08 at 12:15 PM

Now i found a solution for that. With the evaluation mode for tolerance limits it is possible but with evaluation mode for SPC its not. Maybe someone knows why this mode is not compatible.

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