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CCO Plugin Development Add Article input field

Jan 07 at 07:33 AM


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Dear CCO Experts,

I have developed a new form in CCO. I want to add an input field for Article selection.

Is it possible to create a field for Items selection with the same behaviour like the field existing in Standard sales form.

Thanks in advance for your help !

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Marco Becker
Jan 08 at 11:44 AM

Hi Mohamed,

you can create a field, which is similar to the one on the sales screen. But this is a custom form, which comes from the plugin. This means, that you also have to develop the functionality behind that field in the plugin. If you want a field, which takes a barcode, searches for a material and adds this material to a grid, you have to create the frontend and backend parts. There are no reuse components for custom forms from our side. The best way to achieve this is to look in the code of the salesWS.js. This is the main JavaScript code for the sales screen. You can use your browsers developer console to get an understanding how the input field on the sales screen works.

Best regards

Marco Becker

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Thanks Marco for your helpful reply.

Since we can not reuse CCO Components. I will use the main Sales Form cause my requirement is to send purchase request to B1. I will add one more option to the Receipt Type Select Box for Purchase Request. Than I will catch the OK Button event and check the Receipt Type Selected option.if Direct Sale is selected than Sales Receipt will be posted Else My Plugin will send a purchase request to B1.

Please Let me know if this solution is workable.

Kind Regards,



Hi Mohamed,

this will work. You can either wrap the original method, which is called, when the OK button is pressed. Or you hide the original OK button and place a custom button there instead. Then you can call one of your functions, or (if "Direct Sales" is selected) you can trigger a click on the original OK button in your code.

Best regards


Stephan Best
Jan 08 at 07:39 AM

Dear Mohamed,

could you please explain your question in more detail? Are you writing about a new print template and the possibilities to add UDF (User defined fields) to this print template?

If we have more details, it would be much more easier to answer in the right direction.

thanks a lot and kind regards


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Hi Stephan

Thanks for your reply,

Actually I am asking about the front end development, Is it possible to create an input field in a new developed user form in CCO for Item selection which have the same behavior like the one in main sales screen, I mean a field where you can scan the bar code and get the item selected in a new user grid. I need some guide on JavaScript how to do that.