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Expose backend tcode in S4 HANA Fiori

Hi Gurus,

1. We are in SAP S/4 HANA 1610 FPS01

2. I want to add tile "Manage Service Entry Sheets" tile App ID: F2027 to my catalog.Per Fiori library this is only available from 1709 release. Application type : Transactional(SAP Fiori(SAP Ui5))

3. Would I be able to expose backend Tcode ML81N to Fiori?

4. If so, I see 2 documents from links below. Which one should I follow for the ML81N to be exposed in Fiori?

Appreciate your response.



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1 Answer

  • Jan 09, 2018 at 07:03 AM

    Hi Laskhmi

    You can't use a 1709 & above only app in 1610 - we don't downgrade apps as a rule.

    The first Easy Access option is usually enough. You may need the 2nd guide if the app doesn't behave as you expect.

    You can also add the transaction into a custom tile catalog using Launchpad Designer

    You might also want to consider using SAP Screen Personas to adjust the look and feel of ML81N to something approximating a Fiori app



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    • Hi Jocelyn,

      Thanks so much for your response. I have few questions to clarify.

      I executed First approach "Easy access" in our sandbox and I was able to see ML81N tile exposed in Fiori successfully.

      1. For it to make happen, based on the document , my understanding is , I have to create 1 Catalog per Tcode. In a role if we have to expose 3 backend tcodes(that does not have Fiori app), should I create 3 Catalogs for 3 tcodes exposure? Please clarify.

      2. Secondly , I see that in this approach End user will need to Goto App finder and look at the User Menu to add the relevant tcode. Is there a way for the Administrator to do this centrally for all users that have the respective roles?

      3. Our implementation team mentioned it is the best practice to attach 1 Catalog/PFCG role. In above case if we have to add multiple Catalogs. would that affect the performance? Which is the best practice?

      Second approach questions


      On reading through document, I see a Custom semantic object and a Custom Catalog are created for exposing 1 tcode.

      1.So for a role ex(ZROLE) that might have 2 tcodes to expose, should I create 2 semantic object against 1 Custom Catalog?

      2.If I want to add the same tcode in another role and expose, Can i use the same semantic object 1 to a new Catalog2 meant for role 2?

      3. Can the admin make this tile appear on behalf of each user from Admin ID?(as opposed ot have end user do it himself as in 1st approach).

      Appreciate you help on this.