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Apr 25, 2008 at 07:30 AM

How to print a watermark while printing.


Hello Experts,

Presently I am facing a problem mentioned below and anybody's help is most welcome.

At our company, we put an original application file in a DIR and just below that we also put its PDF format. This process is done manually and not through any converter(which anyway we find prohibitively expensive). We have set up proper profiles so the users who want to display a document see only a PDF version of the file.

Our requirement is that when PDF version is printed from SAP, some watermark should appear on the document (or original application file so to say) like Printed on (Date), Printed by (user ID) and Printed from (the system and client ID say RD1 200)

We face a typical problem here: since we do not use MS Office Integration we can not take benefit of creating links and printing SAP fields. Nor can we use Mark Up which as per my knowledge is used only when viewer sitting in GUI comes into picture and for PDF, viewer is not used.

I have scanned through threads in many forums but did not find any solution (mainly ABAP)

Do any of you know the solution? (We know how to set a workstation application in network and call any program or function module for printing but not anything beyond that)


Shamsundar D Bapat