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Former Member
Jan 05, 2018 at 02:48 PM

Execute fiaa reports in old comapny code?



I would like to ask it it possible to execute FIAA reports in old company code. I wont to use Depreciation Comparison for some assets that do not have posting ig GL we use them for reporting only. The problem is that we have load them in one company code in 2013 that was create in 2013. In 01.07.2016 we create new copmany code 8000 and recreate the same master data in new company code and leave the current statuse in the old company code 7000 and we have to save the current situation for legacy reason. But those 115000 assets for reporting use was leaved in the old company code and no one realize that after two years we could not run any reports because we have open 2016 and 2017 but 2018 is closed.Those 115000 assets are in one asset class and use totaly different tax depreciation key because of complecs calculation and we do not have any reflecion on GL accounts. The only reports we are useing for this assets are Depreciation Comparision because we use only simulation of depreciation. So because I would like to use this reports still I have to open 2018 but for that reason you know I have to post all the depreciation for 2017 till 12 as I said I have posted depreciation run till 6.2016 and I have to kept this statuse for the rest of the assets that have posts in GL. I try to shut down all assets with GL posting but as you know depreciation run returns already posted depreciation. Is there any way to do this without posting anything in GL.