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No entry found in SM12 but still Sales order is locked

Jan 05 at 01:50 PM


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The application log in VA03 -Returns Overview screen displays the below error

The sales order 500046 is currently being processed by user PP1_APPLUSER

We checked SM12 but there is no lock entry for the mentioned user.

The user is a background user used for interfaces.

In SM04 the previous sessions for the user are not getting cleared.

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va03.png (99.4 kB)
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3 Answers

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Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 10 at 06:25 PM

It doesn't look like an ABAP issue, in general. If RFC sessions are not completed, they should be sitting in the RFC queue and Basis team (or anyone with respective access) should be able to push them through or remove.

Not sure why lock wouldn't show in SM12 (other than wrong user ID and client are entered on the selection screen) but, as Raymond pointed out, the lock could be gone by the time you look for it.

This is really not an SCN type of question and needs to be resolved in your system by Basis team together with a developer who would have more knowledge about this specific interface.

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Raymond Giuseppi
Jan 05 at 02:08 PM

Try to set a break-point at start of FM SD_SALES_DOCUMENT_ENQUEUE to find the exact lock that failed. (e.g. some CRM system?)

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Actually i dont have much authorizations and the issue cannot be replicated.

I am executing VA03 and in the Returns overview screed the application log button displays the error.

Is there any other way to find where and how the lock failed ?


So how do you know there was no SM12 lock active at this moment?


i asked the Basis colleague to check


So there was some delay between the lock message and the SM12, if the background process was finished or released the order, too late to see the lock.

Could you check change documents of the sales order to find purpose of the background processing.

SAPEKSH GUPTA Jan 10 at 07:57 AM

Hi Jay,

If the user session is visible in SM04, then there are fair chances that one of these sessions is locking the Sales Order. Besides, the Basis guys who is checking the SM12 for you, might not have enough authorizations to check the user locks of all users. Please check with Security team once.


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