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REG: REST Adapter configuration Error

Jan 05 at 11:54 AM


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Hi All,

Requirement: Develop REST2REST sync interface

REST API is installed in SAP ECC system and we would like to host the REST service with SAP system and this is Pass through interface.

Error: 1)We are not able to see the source payload in PO

2) HTTP Error occurred: Internal server error(500),

MP: exception caught with cause HTTP POST call to http://sap:2002blweb/rest/ac/document/checksap-client=100 not successful. Internal Server Error.

Would any one help us in providing the solution.Thanks in Advance.

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Hello @kiran kiran,

As far as I understand your process you're having the following setup:

SAP ECC <-> SAP PRO <-> HTTP Client

Does this represent the technical setup? If so how are you sending data to the PO-System (RFC / HTTP ...)?




Hi Frederick,

Flow: REST <-> REST(SAP)

I am sending the data from REST services to SAP ECC where SAP is using REST services in receiving the data.

URL of SAP shared below and this is Pass through scenario.

Thanks & Regards,



Hi @kiran kiran,

have you been abled to call the SAP ERP API successfully using an direct request through POSTMAN e.g.?




Hi Frederick,

I am getting the below error when trying to post the data in SAP from Postman.


<TITLE>500 SAP Internal Server Error</TITLE>
<H1>500 SAP Internal Server Error</H1>
ERROR: Internal server error ... unable to determine HTTP calling object (termination: ABORT_MESSAGE_STATE)

One more question why we are not able to see the JSON payload in PO which has been processed from source(REST)? As this is pass through scenario and as there is no mapping, we need to see the payload in PO which is missing.

Thanks & Regards,



Hi Kiran,

You are not able to see the JSON payload means, the logging might have not enabled properly.

In REST sender communication channel, make sure the check box "Log JSON Message" is selected.

Also, in the ICO Advanced Settings tab, turn on scenario specific logging/staging for all the required steps to see the payload.


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