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Sub chain Execution

Jan 05 at 10:46 AM


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Hi Gurus,

I know its very basic question but can some one please help me to run the subchain sepeartely.


I have a requirement to test the chain but it is a sub chain which runs based on a meta chain. But i ahve to execute only this sub chain.

Is there any option?? because its a development system when i try to change the setting to direct scheduling its asking me a TR.

Do anyone know how to execute it?


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1 Answer

Frédéric Cincet Jan 05 at 12:35 PM

Hi Venkatesh,

You can execute a subchain with the FM RSPC_API_CHAIN_START (Tx SE37).

It will start immediately.



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Thanks for the reply Frédéric Cincet but the thing is like we need the details like chain id , Variant etc for executing this program. My problem is this chain is in development and we have not even triggered it once. Is there any other way do this?


The only mandatory field is the I_CHAIN parameter. All others are optional.


if i'm not wrong we can't get the chain id for a new chain( i mean without triggering before). Correct me if i missed somethign.


The chain ID is the technical name of the PC. You always have one. This has nothing to do with the log ID.


so by using this we can trigger the sub chain separately right??

thanks alot :)