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Manage profit Center Group app is not opening

Jan 10 at 05:36 AM


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When I click on Manage profit center group app, its not opening. Showing error as 503: Service not available.

In browser console I am getting below error

ui2/nwbc/~canvas;window=app/wda/FAC_PCG/?sap-wd-configId=FAC_PCG_CONF&sap-client=100&sap-language=EN&IV_SEARCH_X=X&IV_SETCLASS=0106&WDUIGUIDELINE=FIORI&sap-ie=EDGE&sap-ushell-defaultedParameterNames=%5B%22IV_SETCLASS%22%2C%22WDUIGUIDELINE%22%2C%22sap-ie%22%5D&sap-ie=edge&sap-theme=sap_belize&sap-shell=FLP1.48.1-NWBC 503 (Service Unavailable)

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Jocelyn Dart
Jan 10 at 08:48 AM

Hi Nandish,

That's not a Fiori app URL, that's a Web Dynpro ABAP app URL.

So check you have activated the ICF node for the Web Dynpro ABAP in the S/4HANA server in transaction SICF or using the worklist with transaction STC01 as advised in the Best Practice guide "Other App Types Deployment (MAL)" that you find in the best practices explorer at

If yes, are any other Web Dynpro ABAP apps working? You might be missing one of the pre-requisites such as the system alias mapping or RFC destination <yourS/4HANAsystem>_HTTPS.

You might also want to try bringing up the Web Dynpro ABAP application FAC_PCG in transaction SE80 and see if it works when you test it directly using the configuration FAC_PCG_CONF.



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Hi Jocelyn.

In some of Financial apps.. I am getting below error

The issue is most likely caused by application Please create a support incident and assign it to the support component of the respective application. - Failed to load UI5 component with properties: '{
"name": "",

But in network, there is no error.... But app will not open.


Ok well that's different from your first error?

Something that may help - all of the Financial apps have some central configuration that needs to be performed. You need to check this has *all* been done.

You'll also find that linked to the Implementation documentation of the Post Outgoing Payments app that seems to be the cause'F1612')/S9OP

If you are still having problems after you have confirmed all the configuration is done, try the new SAP Guided Answer that will guide you through resolving Fiori could not open app errors. You'll find that linked to my blog.

Good luck!