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Business Data Toolset not updating vendor master whereas BUT000 is getting updated for custom fields

I have used BDT to add custom tab in std. BP transaction , Its added successfully in Vendor role FLVN01 and the data is getting updated in BUT000, whereas its not updating vendor master LFA1 .

Please note that I have added my custom fields to both the tables BUT000 and LFA1 with same field name. In BDT I have called the events DSAVB,ISDAT,XCHNG.



XCHNG - Checked if screen data is changed .

What should I do now to update the same in LFA1 ,please note that I want the data in both BUT000 and LFA1 , as when I open BP transaction vendor should be displayed with updated custom fields. Do I need to call event DSAVE? If yes then which FM and logic.

It will be great if someone can explain how is BP std. table and Vendor master or Customer master are connected, As I identified backend code commit on BUT000 is updating the fields to all the tables .

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  • Hello,

    Can you tell me if your issue is resolved? I am facing the same problem. New fields of LFA1 was added into new tab of BP but data can not be saved.

    I implemented FM for event DSAVB, ISDAT, XCHNG just like you. The main logic is using FMs from function group CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR.

    In ISDAT:
    *load data to screen CALL FUNCTION 'CVIV_BUPA_LFA1_GET' IMPORTING e_lfa1 = gs_lfa1. lfa1-zzmid = gs_lfa1-zzmid. lfa1-zzpass_num = gs_lfa1-zzpass_num.
     In DSAVB: DATA : ls_lfa1 TYPE lfa1.
     ls_lfa1 = lfa1.
      MOVE-CORRESPONDING gs_lfa1 TO lfa1.
      lfa1-zzmid = ls_lfa1-zzmid.  
      lfa1-zzpass_num = ls_lfa1-zzpass_num.  
     i_subname = 'ZGEM_MM_ADD_DATA_01'     
     i_lfa1    = lfa1.



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2 Answers

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    Jan 12, 2018 at 05:27 AM


    You need to have an implementation to VENDOR_EXTENSION badi.

    Check the document attached to note 2309153.

    This explains in detail the steps involved in updating customer and vendor master extended fields.


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    • Hi Shweta,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I have checked the note. This note is suggesting to implement SAP Note 2295823,whereas the note status is cannot be implemented and we have some manual activities to create package and all.

      We have SAP S/4HANA 1610.

      Can you please explain some more details.

  • Oct 16, 2018 at 10:05 AM


    Since I am success to add and update Z field from LFA1 in Tcode BP so I want to share my solution.

    You can use the below link as a reference.

    The differences are:

    - At the first step, we can not use structure "incl_eew_kna1" and "incl_eew_kna1_x" because it is for KNA1 and not exist in my current version of SAP - (750- SP 10). You must use structure "VMDS_EI_VMD_CENTRAL_DATA" and "VMDS_EI_VMD_CENTRAL_DATA_XFLAG". Those structure is sub-notes of CVIS_EI_EXTERN - Complex Interface for Business Partner in CVI. It is used to enhance for Partner, customer and vendor. Here is the link, which leads to my mentioned structure above: CVIS_EI_EXTERN - VENDOR - CENTRAL_DATA - CENTRAL - DATA and DATAX.

    -When creating FM for event DSAVB and ISDAT, you must use FM 'CVIV_BUPA_LFA1_GET' and 'CVIV_BUPA_LFA1_COLLECT' (i_subname is name of your append structure in LFA1) of Function group CVI_FS_UI_VENDOR.



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