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Jan 09, 2018 at 07:49 PM

"Valuation with compensation rate" functionality does not work for planned costs in projects?



working with projects, we activated in the Set of Books the option "Valuation with compensation rate" in order to use the values maintained in the work center of Compensation to valuate the time confirmations. This functionality works correctly when the consultants update their time-sheets. However, when you are planning the work in a project, that value is not used to calculate the planned costs.

First we used an employee for which a resource had been maintained with a different rate than in Compensation. The system is taking the resource rate for the planned costs, and the compensation rate for the actual cost (time confirmations). Then I tried an employee without a resource assigned, and the project was unable to find any rate to calculate the planned costs.

The Valuation with compensation rate functionality looked very helpful so we could save to maintain the resources rates (one per consultant), but if anyway we have to maintain the resources rates in order to have planned costs in the project, it does not help us at all.


Fernando Detraux