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Apr 24, 2008 at 04:16 PM

MDM Import Error


Hey Folks,

I could not find a similar error anywhere shooting it ....sorry if anyone finds it out to be ....kinda "dejavu"

But the Crux is

MDM is on AIX box

DB2 is on Z/OS

dealing with default Repository.......CUSTOMER

Trying to Load a simple data file.

Mapping like 7 fields

3 are Lookups

one is Country out of them, so two lookups are where I add new data to the Lookup table. BTW Lookup is Lookup(Flat) type, FYI it is Region ( as in state) & Account Group ( which is just one in my data set Z001, also set as Text)

Now the weird / Fun part is I am able to load 700 odd records successfully but when I try to load 1400 odd records the Load fails.

Now here are the facets in which I already sort of confirmed whats wrong..

1. If the Issue was with buffer, then a custom repository built with same exact structure was able to load 65000 records in one shot.

2. If the Issue was with DB2 on Z/OS & MDM / AIX then to start with the 700 load should also fail.

3. If the Issue was with security settings for the MDM connection to database not having write/edit/create SQL access, then again the 700 load shouls not go through

4. If the Issue was with me loading even lookup values at the same time, then guess what!!....the lookup goes through , the look tables get filled ....only the main table shy's away....(zero records)

5. Say even better the recommended approach is to get the Lookup values in and then main table data....see this....I start my first time 1400 load, the load fails... the lookup data is in there (as per statement 4., I checked in data manager) , next time if I start the same exact 1400 record load , logically speaking...since the lookup info is alread y there, atleast this should pass thru. ( But it doesn't!!!)

6. Now , the defauilt MATERIAL repository does load fine for all load sizes, so that confirms , the huge structured repository Vs my small custom repository are on par viz a viz Load size.

So is there any other basic check I can do to know what is goin on back there???

Now to eliminate the data dependency in this case totally i dummied up the data with basic number strings for the other two fields street names, and customer name.....but with the same results!

And coming to the error log that the import generates.... it gives this exact message: if that helps identify, we checked the IBM red book error ID for DB2 , it does little help!

error message:

Import Failed. partial Set failure with Rc error code = <0x84020020> for record number 0 thorugh 1263

Import Action: none

Source Record no: 1

data base error:

SQLCODE = -30005 , SQLSTATE = 56072l, Miscellaneous product restriction from DB2 UDB for AIX, Linux

Delete from A2i_1_TEXT WHERE ID=? AND FieldID = ? AND LangID=?

(I guess this is like a roll back ^^^^)

Thanks in Advance for Reading this whole thing / Thinking / and Replying!