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Apr 24, 2008 at 12:29 PM

Sender JDBC Adapter Select/Update Issue


Dear All,

We have configured a Sender JDBC Adapter to Poll data from the DB2 tables. It is working fine and both the select and the update queries written are also getting properly executed and are changing the status of the flag from Y to N once read from database.

In the communication channel ->

select * from <table> where flag = 'N'.

update <table> set flag = 'Y' where flag = 'N'.

But I have one doubt after executing the select query some new data comes into the table of status flag 'N"., then will this unselected data will also be updated to 'Y' .

The question is while we do a select and update from XI on the DB table and at the same time there is an insert happening into the table from the other end how will the adpater behave in this case.Will it result in missing of some records during next select/update transaction from XI..

Your inputs will be appreciated.