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How to blink the text in HTML VIEWER using SAP ABAP

Jan 09 at 06:51 AM


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I am using HTML VIEWER in module pool screen. I have used html tags i.e <font>, <p> , </br>.My requirement is how to blink the text in HTML VIEWER.What is the tag name ?



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This is not an ABAP question and HTML tutorials can easily be found.


I thought blinking in HTML was outlawed somewhere in 2000...

Jelena Perfiljeva

Different strokes for different folks.


The wikipedia mentions "the blink tag to be the worst thing I've ever done for the Internet" (Lou Montulli)

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Raymond Giuseppi
Jan 09 at 08:04 AM

Alas, the <blink> tag is (for some time) no longer supported by browsers like Opera 15+, IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. So usual solution is usage of CSS or JavaScript (and a recent SAP GUI)

Use Google, there are many samples on Internet of CSS classes of JS functions tfor blink. (But not sure effective within a limited tool as the CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER) but IMHO that's no longer an Abap question...

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Thanks for the reply.

I am displaying data on module pool screen.I have used CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER and Custom container.

I am displaying text successfully on Module pool screen.I am not displaying data on any browser.

But the <blink> tag is not working in HTML.

How to get blink functionality in HTML ?




Which part of Raymond's answer are you having difficulty with? He has answered your question.

Iftah Peretz
Jan 09 at 03:13 PM


Not sure I get the full context here, but you can always point to an external URL where you have the data and the viewer acts as an iFrame it will show the blinking there.

If this is not in par with your requirement, you can use the recommendation by Raymond.

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