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How to report spam comments?

Jan 08 at 11:59 AM


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I'm using last version from Chrome.

I read a comment, but doesn't show any report link.

How report it to moderators?

Ps; I knew this is not for "SAP Anywhere" but "" primary tag has disappeared when I published this! Please move this to right tag!

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I updated the tag to using :)

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2 Answers

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Tammy Powlas
Jan 08 at 12:04 PM

Hi - you can email ""

If you have a link I can try to remove it too.

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Hello Tammy, so in blog's post there is not a "alert moderator" !?

See it yourself:


No, there is no alert moderator in blog post comments. I was able to remove it but I will report the spammer. In the future you can e-mail the SCN moderators



All right.



There's a spam-comment on my newly published blog-post as well (here). As I didn't see an alert option for the comment, I used the "Alert moderator" button for the blog post itself with topic "Other" and a description pointing to the comment. Is that an okay option to use as well or should these "spam-alerts" only be reported via email? If the latter, than I'm sorry that I found this Q&A only after the fact.



Bärbel Winkler

I removed it and will also initiate the next logical steps


Hello Baerbel - I am going to ask Mynyna Chau for her opinion - I don't see the spam there - that's a good sign


Thanks, Jürgen & Tammy for your quick and almost simultaneous responses!


Hi all,

thanks Tammy for bringing this thread to my attention. :)

Bärbel Winkler This is a good alternative solution that is being used by other community members as well. So for further spam reports, you can reach out to us via email (scnmoderators(at) or alert the moderator on the blog post itself as you said, categorizing it with "others" adding a comment that you are refering to the spam that can be found in a comment to the blog post.

Best regards, Mynyna


Hi Bärbel, according to Mike's and Jerry's comment here, I am correcting my sentence: For further spam in blog comment reporting, you can @mention Jerry Janda or me, or reach out to us via email (scnmoderators - inbox). As multiple moderation alerts on the blog post itself is penalizing the blog author, we should avoid this way of reporting, if the alert is not referring to the blog author him/herself.
Best, Mynyna

Mike Pokraka Apr 21 at 04:47 AM

I asked the same question not too long ago:

Spam Alert! / How do we report spam in blog comments?

According to Jerry we should NOT report it on the main blog as it penalises the blogger.

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Yes, that was my understanding. I was told that the moderation alert counts against the blogger, and if enough moderation alerts are opened, the blogger could end up penalized.

Mynyna Chau , has this changed?

Regardless, as Mynyna mentioned above (and I mentioned in my response at, you can send a message to the scnmoderators email. Or, per my reply, you can @mention me. :)



Hi Jerry, hi Mike, sorry for the confusion. While some community members are using this alternative solution, I understand and agree that this should not be the way forward to report spam in blog comments. I will revise my comment above. Best, Mynyna


Simple question: When normal alerts for blog comments will be available? For sure e-mail to "" is not a good workaround, will require extra activity from users and as a result - SPAM will not be reported!