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dashboard 4.2 service pack 5 swf error

Jan 08 at 07:10 AM


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I have just purchased DashBoards 4.2 with Service Pack 5 and I am not able to generate a SWF on the basic of models - keep getting the error msg - have uninstalled, reinstalled, and repaired but to no avail.

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What is the error message? Can you post a screenshot? Also, did you check PAM to be sure of the supported flash and excel version ?


Hello - please see below in the post some screen shots that hopefully assist


Hi Denis

Many thanks for your feedback - and I appreciate any contact you can establish - I have had 5 days of being run around on the telephone, unable to access the knowledge base and the patches - so yes at this time it is my perception that SAP is not offering support for this product.



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4 Answers

Alistair Rogers Jan 09 at 02:38 AM

In addition to the above - I decided to uninstall and reinstall again to capture messages during installation:

In addition to the two SCRIPT errors I also get the Switch To message - even though the only program operating at the time is Chrome & trying to start SAP Dashboards!

So the SWF error msg also says "contact your customer support representative" - how do I get in touch with that person - I need this issue resolved URGENTLY

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Arijit Das Jan 09 at 09:37 AM

I found an SAP KBA 2494486 - Fail to preview and export SWF in Dashboards, which says that it is a known bug which is resolved in version 4.2 SP04 Patch 01. Hence, you can update the patch to patch level 01 and try again. Alternatively, you can also update to Dashboards 4.2 SP05.

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Many thanks for your assistance and research - it is truly appreciated.

Where do I go to find Patch 01 please?

I updated to 4.2 SP05 and then later received an email from SAP advising me that SP05 was not for the standalone version - when I did upgrade it SP05 I was still getting the SWF error message

email-for-sp05.jpg (197.6 kB)

Hi Arijit - I searched for the Knowledge Base Article and this was the message I get:

kba-response.jpg (165.2 kB)

You should login with an s-user to view the KBA. Also your s-user should have download access to download the patch from sap marketplace.

Amit Anant Kulkarni
Jan 09 at 06:55 PM

Hi Alistair,

For the script errors you can rename the startPage folder under the assests folder.You can rename this to startPageOLD.

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Xcelsius 4.0\assets .Renaming this folder just blocks the SAP advertisements and has no impact on the product.

For your original issue i.e. not able to generate the swf you can try below mentioned steps.

You might be aware that in Dashboards 4.2 SP05 we can export the dashboard to HTML as well so that we can view the dashboard without the flash player.

Try to take a simple HTML supported component as a pie chart to the canvas and check if you are do a HTML preview.

Now check if the flash preview works.

Also check if the components that are used are HTML compatible.

Try to check one sample dashboard called Chart Insertion in File->Samples.I tried this on my machine and it works fine.

If still you get the issue then try uninstalling the flash players and install it using the IE browser from the adobe website.Also install the flash player using the Chrome browser too.

Let me know if the above steps help.


Amit Kulkarni

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Alistair Rogers Jan 09 at 02:13 AM

Denis - I guess you must be used to dealing with those of the SAP community who are high end users rather than those of us who are students who bought a terrific product in Xcelcius and have had to enure the difficulties of tech support etc. since acquisition by a giant such as SAP. Yes you are correct - this is a desperate cry for HELP as I have a looming deadline and my presentation can not be completed as I am unable to now export my file as SWF (in preview or any other view!!) - so frustrating to go from working to not working and no on-line or telephony tech support to work through the issue!

Regardless, I have an issue that my once working Dashboards product no longer works following recent upgrade to 64-bit MS Office Pro 2013. So in response to your "Missing Details" statement attached are screen shots of the challenges I am facing - please note the only reason I am posting on here is because there is no telephone technical support provided by SAP for this product - not even for the first 30 days, which even Microsoft offers (and Xcelcius did too before being snapped up for having a great product - which hasn't changed much over the past few years in content mind you)

As mentioned above, I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and repaired installation but to no avail - even followed the steps of checking for complex models, even the most basic pie chart as per the image below (max 30 records, very simple arithmetic formula) does not export - so I have tried everything that has been suggested (that I could find) on the issue and still getting nowhere!

Hopefully I have now provided information that will assist in achieving a resolution.

I am looking forward to receiving some advice/support as to how to make my application work again!

winidows-os.jpg (167.1 kB)
swf-error.jpg (256.0 kB)
flash.jpg (31.2 kB)
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Use Formulas->Error Checking->Circular references menu to display any circular references in your excel file. Is there any ? Also, please mention ms office version in your machine. You can also try disabling optimize spreadsheet option and restarting the tool.


Hello Arijit

I an running MS Office Professional 2013 64-bit.

Error Check = The error check is complete for the entire sheet - no errors found!

Disabled "optimize spreadsheet", restarted application - same SWF error message.

I tried attaching the file to see if you could replicate the issue but it will not permit - please note this is a very simple dashboard, I have more complex ones that used to work well but are not now working! I have attached screen shots of the details of the simple model - the only equations are the sum all left columns C to H and then the calculation of the percentage in column J - as a check I created values only at rows 16 to 19 (ie no formula) and that is what the dashboard is currently set as for the data selection - the SWF error still occurs.