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connect hanadb on neo to nodejsapp hosted on sap cloud foundry

Jan 08 at 07:05 AM


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I am trying to create a web app with angularjs and nodejs on cloud foundry and hana database on SAP Cloud platform

I am not getting a clue on how to access hana tables residing on sap cloud from nodejs.

Please advice.

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Ivan Mirisola
Jan 08 at 05:04 PM

Hi Vivek,

AFAIK there is no easy way to do it. Technically it would be possible only if you could bundle the NEO SDK tools on your NodeJS app (or any app for that matter) and have it call the SDK Interfaces using Java in order to establish a db tunnel between your Cloud Foundry (client) Sub-Account and your Neo Sub-Account. In theory that could be done with neo command line interface this way. I say "in theory" since I have no clue if the internal firewalls will allow opening the TCP ports required for such a tunnel.

On the other hand, you already have a more recent version of HANA System (ver 2.x) on CF, so in terms of performance and ease of use it would be wiser to use it in replacement of your HANA System (ver 1.x) on Neo. So I don't see any real benefits in doing such a tunnel.

If you are looking to a migration tool, I am not aware of any that migrates your repository from one account into the other automatically. So in such cases you should be using a local connection to your neo on hana system use the tools to import it into the CF's HANA.

Once you have your repository and catalog objects up and running on CF you could use NodeJS using the HDI container.


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Hi Ivan

Thanks for your valuable reply. It helped me understand the way to go. But by chance if there is any blog which can guide us further on you suggested approach then it would be really great.


Hi Vivek,

Which approach? I believe for the one that involves the SDK, there are none specific for CF. You will need to give it a try as it will involve calling the SDK's APIs - and that's specific to that scenario - maybe you could try it and let us know what your conclusions were on a blog yourself.

For the HDI Container and connecting to your hana instance from Eclipse, there are plenty - just search for it on SAP Community.