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Jan 07, 2018 at 01:59 PM

SAP EHS module in R/3 version


Dear Experts,

I have two questions about EHS module:

- We are using R/3 4.7, so in order to use EHS functionality I have activated PLM extension. Is there any difference between R/3 and ECC in EHS module?

- The only books in English which are available to buy are three SAP Press.

For the following courses are there standard books or can I buy any other standard book in EHS?

  • SUS310 - SAP EHS Management - Essentials and Functions
  • SUS315 - SAP EHS Management - Essentials and Functions professional (EEF prof)
  • SU330R - SAP EHS Management - Occupational Health (OH)
  • SU410R - SAP EHS Management – Environmental Compliance (EC)
  • SU420R - SAP EHS Management Waste Management | SAP Training
  • SUS360 - SAP EHS Management - Product Safety (PS) | SAP Training