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How to prioritizy single batch HU?


I'm facing an issue when autopacking mixed batches, where the SAP splits the batches in multiples HU and mixes the batches, instead of prioritizing a HU with a single batch.

To make easier to understand here is an example:

I have a delivery of 2160kg of Product A, split in 3 batches:

  • 460kg of batch red
  • 720kg of batch blue
  • 980kg of batch yellow

The HU (pallet) can handle 720kg, and we have autopaking set. When I run the autopacking, SAP packs the HU following the batch sequence (so in this case red, blue then yellow), if one batch doesn't fulfill the HU, it picks the next one, until full and start a new HU, as in the following image:

The problem is that it splits the batches sometimes, where it could fill a single HU. We would like it to make as many pallets with a single batch as possible, then make mixed batch HU with the rest, like this:

It's possible to achieve that with standard?


batch-split.png (16.4 kB)
split2.png (25.3 kB)
split3.png (22.6 kB)
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