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Apr 23, 2008 at 09:08 PM

A Practical Introduction to ABAP


I hope this is the correct forum for my question.

I am using the book, ABAP Objects, by Keller and Krueger, 2nd edition, 2007. In chapter 2, "A Practical Introduction to ABAP", there is an example of a car rental application. I am trying very carefully to follow the instructions to enter this application, and I have hit a problem.

I am following the instructions exactly, with this change: whereever a table name, function group, function module, etc is named "Z_", I am using "Y_" instead.

The reason I am doing this: the minisap I am using has the full text of all the example programs in the book, all with the "Z_" names. I wanted to enter everything myself, and the text of the book tells me that "Y_" is acceptable for user-names. Also, this allows me to compare the code I enter to the code that comes with the minisap to see what I might have done wrong.

I am trying to create the Y_CAR_RENTAL_SCREENS Function Group. At the bottom of Page 103, I am instructed to manage the text symbols in the TOP include program. The symbols are 'text-cid' and 'text-rsv'.

By clicking the 'cid', I can enter the Text Symbols for 'cid' and 'rsv' as instructed. On the top of page 104, it says: "If you want, you can also switch to the Selection text tab to create meaningful names for the input fields of the selection screens." This is my first problem. I can switch to that tab, but it is NOT modifiable.

I can open a second session and open the "Z_CAR_RENTAL_SCREENS function group, and I can see that there are 4 entries there, for CATEGORY, DAY_FROM, DAY_TO and ID.

How do I enter these items?

Since I cannot enter these Selection Texts, I follow the instructions to save and activate the text symbols. The next step (page 105) is to create the Function Module for Y_INPUT_CUSTOMER. I enter the information ofr the CUSTOMER_ID under the 'Export' tab, and the code indicated under the 'Source Code' tab. The last sentence on page 105 says: "Now activate the function module."

This is Ctrl-F3, or the 'Activate' icon, or under the 'Function Module' dropdown list at the top of the screen, choose 'Activate'. I try any of these and it brings up a screen of Inactive Obects for BCUSER. I press the green check box, and it tells me there are syntax errors. If I choose 'Process Error', it tells me the error is Field "ID" is unknown. It is neither in one of the specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement.

What do I need to do to be able to continue?