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List of Customer Codes

Jan 07 at 05:40 AM


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Hey SAP gods I have a question.

So I'm trying to get a list of customer codes that would be relevant to our particular plant and am having trouble finding out how to narrow down the list. I am using XD03 and can generate a list of all customers with their customer code, but I'm not sure what I would need to narrow down the list to be plant specific. Forgive my noobness with this but can you guys help me figure out what I would need to narrow the list, if it is even possible, to customer codes that are only specific to the plant that I'm in?


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In XD03 there is a default delivering plant field, but it can be overwritten in a sales document.

In a standard system I am not aware of a plant-specific restriction per customer.

Speak with your local support team, but most likely what you ask is not possible.

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2 Answers

Jignesh Mehta Jan 08 at 10:11 AM

What you can get from Customer Master data tables is default Delivering Plant assigned to a Customer. However as mentioned by Veselina above, this can be changed while in Sales transaction.

You can get the list of Delivering Plant assigned to Customer from KNVV Table, field VWERK.

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G Lakshmipathi
Jan 09 at 08:32 AM

Not sure how many plants you have but you need to develop a query considering the tables VBRK and VBRP from where you can generate sales details. From this, the coding should be in such a way that for that particular Sold-To and Plant, if there is a sales, ignore the data; if there is no sales from a particular plant, populate that plant, but here again, there should be validity period and it should not be open ended.

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