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How to add mime types like sound files to Lumira Designer Documents?

Dear community,

Did anyone already find a way to load files other than geojson,css,image,font,csv or svg into a Lumira Designer Document? Back in the day we could always alter the file type to "show all" on the file picker dialog and choose the desired file (e.g. mp3 etc.) anyways.

On Lumira 2.x the new built-in dialog refuses to upload/display any other file type. I was able to replicate the "old way" by changing my startup mode to local [legacy] but that will most probably cause problems once moving to BIP and make maintenance cumbersome since you cannot see the files. Unfortunately I couldn't test on BIP yet, because my test servers are not yet ready.

@reiner.hille-doering: Could you please shed some light on the question? Are there any plans to allow additional mime types? The community has SDK components like the audio component, which need to be able to consume file types other than specified above (*.wav, *.mp3 etc.).

Kind regards


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  • Hi Martin - I am sorry for the delay on my side.

    OK I can upload an MP4 file to the BI4.2 SP05 platform.

    But I can't see it in the MIMES folder which makes me wonder if you can really use it

    Does this help?

    martinp.jpg (15.1 kB)
    martinp2.jpg (8.9 kB)
  • Thank you very much for taking the time. So this is not straight forward at least. The next thing I will try is to check the applied mime type on CMC.

    Your popup indicates the file is there so it is likely we can reference it copying paths ignoring the problematic file picker.

    Thanks again for checking.

    Kind regards


  • OK if you don't get this working - feel free to join this ASUG webcast later this month to ask this question "live" What's New in Lumira Designer 2.1?

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