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Portal FLP and FES

Jan 09 at 09:21 PM


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Hi All,

We have Fiori Front End Component and Back End Component installed on ECC. The ECC Fiori App is being triggered from our Enterprise Portal's Fiori Launchpad.

We are looking to upgrade to Fiori 2.0. Per OSS note 2217489 , there are references to SAP Fiori FES.

Is FES only relevant to our ECC system where we had installed the Fiori Front End Component? Or is our Portal's Fiori Launchpad the FES?


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2 Answers

Lawrence Waterhouse Jan 10 at 12:36 PM

So in fact you would like to know if you need an appropriate strategy to upgrade EP as well corresponding to FES 4.0? Without have took a deeper look into this topic: I guess you need a proper upgrade strategy independently from Fiori topic. I would also assume its a good idea to have same SAPUI5 versions on both stacks.


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John Draper Jan 11 at 03:08 AM

Fiori FES usually refers to the Gateway (ABAP) component which can either be a standalone hub system (recommended by SAP), or it's possible to use the Gateway component embedded in NW7.40 and higher (e.g. your ECC system).

It's possible to run the Fiori Launch Pad directly from the FES (ABAP), or you can use the FLP on the portal which is more commonly known as FLP@EP.

To use Fiori 2.0 with FLP@EP you need your portal to be on at least NW7.50 SPS07, as it requires the UI5 1.44 library version. See

From memory your FES (ABAP) needs to be on Fiori FES 3.0 to get the matching UI 1.44 library version there.

Fiori FES 4.0 is also available which delivers UI Library 1.48 (see note above), but I don't think that library version is available on the portal side yet. Apparently having your FES UI library version higher than your FLP@EP library version causes bad things to happen, so we have stuck with FES 3.0 for now.



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