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Apr 23, 2008 at 01:00 PM

Is it possible to create a business object with a mixed persistence?


I have a problem with caf and mixed persistence. I am developing with NetWeaver CE 7.1 SP 3 and NWDS 7.1.

I want to create a business Object (PERSON) which has some fields/attributes like "lastname", "surname", "age", "birthday",.... and "ADDRESS". The PERSON object should be saved on the NetWeaver Application Server (local persistnce).

The Object ADDRESS is a seperate object which should be contain in PERSON´s. The ADDRESS object gets his data from a SAP R3 Backend accessible by a webservice.

Now my question, is it possible to create a field in PERSON that directly refer to a ADDRESS or must I create a seperate relation between these objects. I would prefer something like (0..) to (1..) realtion between PERSON and ADDRESS.