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Show certain workitem task with status in business workplace

Jan 09 at 01:33 PM


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I want to show all workitems of an certain task and certain status of a workflow in a workingplace. This is for informational purpose only. The item in the workinplace of an used does not have to be executed.The user basically sees that the task has open items in his workingplace.

I know a workaround where I could create a variant in SWIA with the certain task and status of the tast to show all remaining.

The question is, is there a possibility to display this information in the workingplace? If yes, what do I have to consider and how could it be done?

Thank you for your ideas in advance

Kind Regards

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Mike Pokraka Jan 09 at 04:56 PM

The 'Grouped by task' view in SBWP will show all workitems of a specific type. You need to expand the Inbox->workflow tree. Or you can use a custom filter, standard ALV function.

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"Grouped by" shows only Workitems that are allready in the SBWP. My task of the Workflow has not come that far yet. The Workflow is started and the specific task, I am talking about, must be executed with an external program. But the users do not know how many of this task are left to do.

Sevak Chetschumjan

OK, this was not exactly clear. You want your users to see how many workflow tasks of type X are waiting to be processed externally.

If you really want to see this in SBWP, a dirty workaround would be to create a parallel branch to your external task and send a dummy notification task (empty method) to the users. When the background task completes, this can complete the notification and it will be removed from users' inboxes. The only catch is you must prevent the notificaition from completing the fork, so put that in an infinite loop or something.

Hello Mike

Thank you for your suggestion. A parallel brach with notification is an acceptable way to solve this situation.

Kind regards,


Susan Keohan
Jan 09 at 01:50 PM

Hi Sevak,

To me this sounds like a report that you want the users to be able to execute. Why would there be a specific need to put this into the 'workingplace' (SAP Business Workplace)? Why not use that variant of SWIA (be careful because that transaction has lots of authorizations with it) and give it to your users as a report?


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Hi Sue

Users only want to know how many instances of this task are open to process. I just need the amount of the specific task shown to users without any further report or variant, which they would have to execute manually. Although, using variant they would get the result fast, I think it would be a better solution if the information would be provided in their workingplace automatically.

Alternatively to SWIA, I could use SWI1 and create the variant there.

Kind Regards


I guess my question now is - why not make these users agents of the specific tasks? That way, the tasks flow into their inboxes and they can see them and execute them from the Business Workplace (or UWL, or Fiori, or whatever).
Why do you need to provide a variant of a standard transaction, and try to push it into the Business Workplace, when these people can be made agents?
Perhaps I am not really understanding the problem?



The variant is just the alternative solution if we do not find anything better and automatic.Let us now forget about it.

I try to describe the situation better: User start a workflow when executing a business task. This workflow is processed in background. The workflow contains a specific task that is executed with an external programm. The user does not have any information how many of this workflow and the specific task are left to do. Therefore, we would like to provide this information as easy as possible in the SBWP.

Your proposition to assign users as agents is good. But unfortunately the task is an background task. And as far as I understood its not possible to assign agents for background tasks.


OK, your situation is pretty new to me - I've never seen users that interested in a background task.

I'd say go back to your solution of a variant, but don't try to squish it into SAP workplace. Give them a nice little report they can execute whenever they want to. I would advise against doing a core mod to the SAP Inbox to give them the report there. Since it sounds as though this information is needed on demand, you can't even run the report in background and mail it to the SAPInbox of the interested users.

Good luck!

Anjan Paul Jan 10 at 09:59 AM


Also check the Badi WF_BWP_DYN_COLUMN? It can be helpful for your requirement or not?


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