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ADSO Activation Fails due to Special Characters BW/4HANA 1.0 sp7

Jan 09 at 12:00 AM


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ADSO Activation Fails due to Special Characters BW/4HANA 1.0 sp7

We have an activation failing due to special characters in one of the fields. Characters are maintained in RSKC, which does not seem to be used in this case.

Question is, in previous version with a PSA you could correct the issue in the PSA and then load the target, but now since there is no PSA, is the only solution to edit the source document in ECC and reload?

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Jan Van Ansem Jan 09 at 01:56 PM

With the problem in hand, without making changes to your configuration, your only option is to do exactly as you said.
It is of course recommended to add a routine to remove special characters. Here is a good example how to do this with an AMDP transformation:

Unfortunately, the error only comes up during activation, not during load.
If you would prefer a manual step in the load process, you could add a routine to check if any illegal characters exist in the string (based on the code in the blog) and let the record error as a result. If you then create an Error DTP so you can make a manual change in the Error Stack. Seems a bit laborious though - it will be easier to just get rid of the special characters. (If you do go down the route of Error DTP / Error Stack, make sure you are familiar with note 2494151)

Also worth noting (some background) - there is a different between special characters and invalid characters.
Just in case you haven't seen it, the below is an interesting read....

Good luck!

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I ended up adding a routine in the transformations. Thanks for the feedback!



Thanks for your suggestions. As you have said to include a manual step in case if it is needed, how to edit the error stack entries?

Because in BW/4 HANA, when we click the error stack, there is no maintenance possible? Is there any way to do it?




Hi Pratish, this is a documented missing feature only recently resolved, in SP08. Depending what SP you are on, there might be a workaround available though. Please check note 2494151.