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Web site information for customers in SAP CRM is extracted to SAP Hybris Marketing?

Jan 08 at 01:52 PM


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I wonder if "Website" information of customers in SAP CRM is extracted to SAP Hybris Marketing in standart? (via programs CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_FULL and CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_DELT in this case)

Check screenshots below for website information in SAP CRM

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Hakan Köse Jan 09 at 04:42 PM

I'll copy/paste answer from Stefan D. from SAP:

Hello Hakan,

no, the reports CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_FULL / CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_DELT don’t support the extraction of communication method URI (= Table ADR12-URI_ADDR) in standard.

The reports retrieve the to be loaded data through HANA views. If using customer-specific copies of the standard HANA views is an option for you, then you may look into BAdI CUAN_CE_IC_EXTRACT_METADATA of enhancement spot CUAN_INTERACTION_CONTACT.

1.) If it’s sufficient to get one URL extracted for a business partner, then the following HANA views would be relevant for you:



CRM Corporate Account:

The views are

to be copied into a customer-specific package,

to be adjusted according to your needs, e.g. add access to table ADR12,

and to be set in an implementation of method IF_CUAN_IC_EXTRACT_META~FULL_SET_VIEW_NAMES of BAdI CUAN_CE_IC_EXTRACT_METADATA.

2.) If two or more URLs are to be loaded for a business partner, then more effort is needed:

Create a corresponding ID_ORIGIN in SAP Hybris Marketing customizing (Contacts and Profiles -> Interaction Contacts -> Define Origins of Contact ID).

Create a new calculation view which reads the URLs from table ADR12, e.g. similar to the standard calculation view which takes care of the email address retrieval

Implement method IF_CUAN_IC_EXTRACT_META~FACET_ADD_VIEW_NAMES of BAdI CUAN_CE_IC_EXTRACT_METADATA so that the new view will actually being called

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Hello Hakan,

I have a question. I have a requirement to check the Email of Customer during the CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_DELT Proram

I want to know if the Email is changed or no. (Respecting to the email that is exist now in IC_ROOT Table)

With the BADI you mentioned, CUAN_CE_IC_EXTRACT_METADATA can I do my development?

Actually none of the Methods seems to do my check

Do you have any idea?