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PGP Certificate issues

Jan 08 at 11:11 AM


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Manoj K Jan 08 at 11:38 AM

PGP keys are not supposed to be imported in nwa , they need to be placed at OS level or if you have B2B Addon place them in B2B cockpit.

More details here

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Hi Manoj ,

Thanks for your quick response , here bank supports only dual authentication (private key based in SFTP communication channel ) ,If I maintained certificates rather than NWA ,how I can fill private key entry in channel . Kindly let me know .

Best ,Venkatesh

Venkatesh Ganne


You are talking 2 things here :

Authentication: SFTP authentication is done via SSH keys which can be imported into NWA .

PGP encryption / Decryption: These keys are not supported in NWA as mentioned earlier it has to be placed in OR or B2B cockpit.

You can't use the same key pair for both authentication and encryption/decryption , SSH keys and PGP keys are completely different you need to have a different key pair for each.




Hi Manoj,

Thanks I got it now after reading some reference blogs ,I will come back to you soon .