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Cross company consignment sales

Jan 07 at 10:00 PM


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Hello Gurus,

I am trying map a business process that would be a cross company consignment sale.

Example, company A plant A and company B plant B.

Customer A orders to company A a fill-up on plant A. Goods have to be shipped from Plant B owned by company B.

I read that can’t be done through usual cross company sales as a stock transfer must occur before moving stock to consignment (note that only consignment stock exists on plant A).

We tried several ways to do it like ipo sales order generating sto or third party order, but each time we ended up with developpment.

What would be the most standard process to cover that business requirement ? Are the Ways described above corrects or would you recommand another way.

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2 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
Jan 09 at 11:28 AM

Not possible to club both the process (consignment sales and intercompany process). If the company code differs for both the plants, then what you can do is follow Inter Company STO process through which the delivering plant can receive the goods from the other plant and follow the normal Consignment fill-up process.

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Phanikumar Valiveti Jan 08 at 08:59 AM

******Customer A orders to company A a fill-up on plant A. Goods have to be shipped from Plant B owned by company B****

I think we are confusing ourselves with this looping words..(Sorry-to be very afferent in saying)

Can you give us a step wise approach on what they actually need..


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Hello sure,

Actually, we want to make customer consignement on company A but to be delivered from another's company plant. So we create a plant A attached to that company to make sure stock is manageable. That plant does not have proper stock meaning we don't have physically a warehouse. Only customer consignment stock is managed on that plant.

Now we have a "headquarter company B" that do have a warehouse (let's call it plant B). So in term of process what we want to achieve is as followed:

  1. Customer pass a "fill-up" order to company A to build it consignment stock
  2. Company B / Plant B delivers / good issue the stock directly to customer
  3. Good receipt occurs on company A / Plant A
  4. Goods are moved to customer consignment stock in company A / Plant A / Customer
  5. Company B bills company A (SD + MM postings)

We tried to mix TPO but it seems not possible as our vendor is already linked to plant B and SAP seems not to handle that case.

Hope I expressed the requirement better.



Thank you for helping us in reaching your requirement. we feel the following process may suffice your need.

1.In your company A with plant-A has been created only for Consignments purpose and to track the goods more effectively-Pl confirm.

2.If your plant A don't have enough stocks-then your adjacent plant B- will deliver these goods to your customer-So here You can use Inter company STO process being a two different companies to settle the accounts in two different legal entities)-You can use PO type NB with delivery type NLCC followed by Inter company STO billing)

3.If the stocks reached to Customer and upon his acknowledgement to Plant A-we can complete the MIGO at Plant A(Based on two step procedure/One step procedure)-so the stocks will be in Plant A(Not physically available due to the stock already at customer site)

4.Now you create a consignment Fill-Up order for this customer with Plant A-so this stock can be reserved as special stock.

Pl Update us if any Gaps found..


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1. Yes company A with plant A is for tracking purpose. Also inventories are managed by company A people and from finance perspective we want the stock to be accounted to company A.

2.I understand that you propose that the triggering point (after customer require a replenishment) is to create a PO STO instead of a fill-up. But in that case, how do you specify the delivery adress. Do you mean to change it manually in the PO ? Other drawback is that, with that we can't make ATP on plant B (which we can do in cross company sales).

3. Do you mean good receipt in customer consignement directly ?

4. What would be the purpose if in step 3 it is already in consignement ?


Please Follow my second point again with Intercompany STO process..with some delivery address change,which cant have any Impact on ATP(Just the address of ship to party only we will change-not any more)

Pl update..


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Thanks for this option. It would required to maintain vendor address for ship-to in master data or input it directly in the flow.

We have other constraints such as product allocation check during fill-up. If we transfer first STO then do the fill-up, we will biase the product allocation as we will possibly transfer stock while product allocation do not allow it.

It seems difficult not to have specific developpment to automatize the process for cross company sales with customer consignment.

We will probably go for a standard cross company sales but deactivating intercompany invoicing and replace it with specific idoc to create a STO + a stock movement to put stock in customer consignment.

Thanks for the help, very interesting approach.