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QM Notification System status are not showing

Hi Experts,

System status are not showing when i create or change notification either old or new notification in QM02 for custom notif.type. Recently a new consultant unknowigly deleted user status for status profile, however i compared with our production system and added back in. Ever since, the system status are also not showing any more.

Please suggest what could be missing in configuration.

Thanks much in advance,


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1 Answer

  • Apr 10, 2018 at 10:10 AM

    Hi Shilpa,

    according to your description I think an inconsistency is created in your system, as the status profile was changed while it was still in use in an object. It is not recommended to change the status profile in use. I have created an example to show the context:

    1. In the first 4 screens you can see the status profile 'ZQCHANGE' with status 'REL'. In table TJ30 it has user status ID (ESTAT) 'E0003'. In transaction QM02 the REL status is assigned to the quality notification 200004963. In table JEST you can see this assignment with the technical ID of the user status: E0003 is active for notification object QM000200004963.

    2. In the second pack of screens you can see that status REL was deleted from the status profile (TJ30 updated accordingly).

      If the status was used to control business transactions, following warning should appear:
      "Status REL is used in business transaction control
      Message No. BS230
      The status to be deleted (REL) is still subject to business transaction control, i.e., it influences transactions or is set or deleted by transactions.
      System Response
      When you delete the status, the business transaction control will also be deleted.
      If you do not want to delete the status, cancel the delete operation in the following pop-up window."

      Although E0003 still exists in table JEST, but not anymore in the status profile (notification was not changed, only the assigned status profile). Transaction QM02 cannot display the non-existent status REL.

    3. In the third bunch of screens you can see that status REL can be re-created, but it will be a new REL, not the old REL. It can be seen in table TJ30 with the different ESTAT ID (E0007). Old REL was E0003, new REL got identification E0007 (assigned internally).
      Basically, this is the reason why you cannot make the REL visible in the notification just by creating a new status with same function and name 'REL'.

    4. The last picture shows what happens, if you assign the new REL status to the notification in QM02. Although status REL is visible now, but this is the new REL with ESTAT = E0007, not the original REL with ESTAT = E0003. In table JEST the 2 REL statuses are both active, but only the one existing in the status profile can be displayed in the quality notification.

    Although I am not a developer, I think this situation can be resolved with manual database correction in most cases (or with a correction report, if possible). If the original status is deleted by mistake, the best way seems to be to recreate the same status with same ESTAT ID with help of table JEST in table TJ30 (instead of creating new status in customizing with same name). If new status was already created and assigned to the object, as described in points 3.) and 4.) then the problem is a bit more complex and more database correction can be necessary, as the newly created status might needs to be deleted.

    There is no general/universal solution for this problem, as each situation can be different due to the diversity of user statuses and changes made by the users. If you are in a similar situation, it is necessary to map the current situation in your system and find a specific solution, which fits the business needs the best. (It is might not necessary to change the database, if the user status had no control function at all, and the old status entry in table JEST is not disturbing for the business and so on).

    I hope this post helps to understand the problem in context and to find a specific solution for your case.

    Have a nice day,


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