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Web hosting of pages created using SAPUI5

Jan 06 at 10:14 AM


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Hello Experts,

I have a domain and a web server in my name.
I have created an SAPUI5 application. The view has been created as firstUI5.view.xml and the controller is firstUI5.controller.js and there's an index.html.

I want to deploy my web page developed in SAPUI5 in that server.

I also want to know how the back-end connection between the SAPUI5 application and database will be established.

Any help will be highly appreciated. TIA


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2 Answers

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Former Member Jan 06 at 04:45 PM

Hi - There are 2 different topics in this question

1. Hosting an SAPUI5 app in your domain / web page - This can be done. Also in your component.js file you should be loading the SAPUI5 libraries from the CDN

2. Connecting to backend system- a.) If the app is hosted on SCP the HANA Cloud Connector establishes the connection between App & SAP backend system

b.) If the App is hosted on SAP Gateway then Gateway system takes care of connections to other SAP systems using trusted RFc

A quick win to achieve your scenario - Deploy your app on your domain, expose the backend system calls as web services. Maintain the server url in your manifest.json under the sources path and then using relative URL’s you should be able to make the calls

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1.load ui5 inside of component.js ???

call web service????? not rest service?

just maintain the url in your manifest, then you can call them????

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Hi Naveen,

Thanks for the quick response. This seems helpful.

But, How do I achieve this if the app is hosted on 000webhost. In fact, Is it possible to host SAPUI5 app on 000webhost in the first place??


Jun Wu Jan 07 at 02:09 AM

ui5 app is just "static" html file, do you know how to host a html page?

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Former Member

Yes Jon Wu, I have hosted html pages..