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Apr 22, 2008 at 02:57 PM

Application Integrator error


Hi all.

I'm having problems with application integrator.

I create a system template for a Web Application from file, then I create a system based on this template, configure the system definition, user management properties and define a system alias. For user management I used SAPLOGONTICKET.

Then I create a Generic iView from file and configure the properties as follows:

URL template: <System.protocol>://<System.server><System.uri>?<Authentication> SSO template:


Then I create a role and assign it to the user.

When the user tries to access the iView get the following exception:

Portal Runtime Error

An exception occurred while processing your request

Exception id: 02:38_22/04/08_0036_403727750

See the details for the exception ID in the log file.

The log file has the following:

Full Message Text

Content pass of Application Integrator failed.

Component Name:,

Context Name (iView): pcd:portal_content/com.inelectra.folder.ine/com.inelectra.zhrfl_planif_vacac/com.inelectra.zhrfl_rolesplanifvacac/com.inelectra.zhrrl_planificacion/com.inelectra.zhrws_planificacionvacac/com.inelectra.zhrws_planificacion/com.inelectra.zhrpg_planificacion/com.inelectra.zhriv_planificacion,

Top Layer: Generic/SSOLayer,

Producer ID (FPN): null,

System Alias: Planificacion_Vacaciones,

I already check permissions to all objects and are allowed to the Everyone and Authenticated Users UME groups.

If I assign the SAP_J2EE_ADMIN role to the user, the error doesn't occurs.

Can anyone tell me what happens?