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Apr 22, 2008 at 02:06 PM

"Document XXYYZZ does not exist" - Validate contract during PO creation?


Hi there,

We are using SRM 5.0 and ECC 6.0. We are using the CLASSIC scenario only.

We are using function module BBP_PD_SC_UPDATE and BBP_PD_SC_SAVE to obvioulsy create the shopping cart in SRM but more importantly create a PO in the ECC 6.0 backend system.

The problem is we are creating a shopping cart where each shopping cart item has a reference to a corresponding contract item BUT the contract exists in SRM ONLY, not is ECC 6.0.....once again we are using the CLASSIC scenario and not the extended classic scenario.

The fields that I am populating in the SC item that actually end up in table BBP_PDIGP are the following:






The problem I am having is is I go to the "shopping cart monitor" in transaction RZ20 in SRM after I make a shopping cart I get the following message:

"Document XXYYZZ does not exist" (Message class "06", message number "019" in ECC 6.0)

It is complaining about the CONTRACT not exists in ECC 6.0 which is understandable......but is there any way to turn off that contract VALIDATION when using the Classic scenario? ECC should just let the PO / PO items be created without any validation on the agreement / contract entered. (I think field EKPO-KONNR) .

Any ideas on how I can create the PO in the ECC backend without the entered contract having to exist in the ECC backend?

You help would be GREATLY appreciated 😉

Kind regards