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Former Member
Apr 22, 2008 at 01:39 PM

model class is initial in subcontroler



I have a controller class ZCL_ACCOUNT_EDIT which inherits from main controller class ZCL_ACCOUNT_MAIN and this one inherits from CL_BSP_CONTROLLER2. In MAIN I create the object for the model class in DO_INIT

* create model object:
  acc_model ?= create_model( class_name = 'ZCL_ACCOUNT_MODEL'
                             model_id   = 'account_model' ).

  set_model( model_id = 'account_model'
             model_instance = acc_model ).

* create subcontrolers:
  subedit ?= create_controller( controller_name = ''
                                controller_id   = 'editctrl' ).

in DO_HANDLE_EVENT I call the controller EDIT.DO like this


and it happens that the model class is initial. It seems like the subcontroller is being created again.

Can someone tell me, what the problem is ??

Thanks !!