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How the Fiori/SAP Application Developement in Future?

Hi Everyone,

This Question is came out from my curiosity over SAP Fiori Application Development Future. As of now we are using both SAP Web IDE and SAP Full Stack Web IDE. In SAP Hana 1.0 as well as 2.0 we can create table directly in the web IDE editor and CDS coding also we are using. So the Database Development is done without using ABAP Code knowledge.

Next, In Service Module we are using Java or Node JS(Earlier) to expose the table data as OData Service.

Finally we are creating HTML5 Module to consume the service in the UI.

So throughout this development, we are not using ABAP code. So will it be the future for All SAP App Development? So Don't we need ABAP in the future for SAP Fiori App Development Process?

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1 Answer

  • Jan 07, 2018 at 08:36 PM

    Understand you are asking in the context of only Fiori app development process. Moving forward in our journey to SAP S4HANA, SAP recommends to use the latest ABAP programming model, and if you attended any of the SAP Teched, this information is passed to each customer from past 2-3 years that ABAP will still remain, but in the new form.

    If you are on S/4, SAP recommends you to use ABAP on HANA framework and utilize new areas of SAP, like CDS, AMDP, BOPF etc.

    For Fiori apps, since you are now on Fiori 2.0 since 1610 version. Utilize Fiori elements and certain new Key user tools for App development/enhancements. OData concept remains same, on top of that how to use annotations to generate a standard UI is the new roadmap.

    You can either use annotations on your CDS or use them on your UI5 code. In order to save UI5 coding, we recommend using them on CDS which will generate UI, like create, edit, delete etc.

    For CRUD operations and draft management, use BOPF. This framework is regenerated in S/4 to add draft management features in the app.

    ABAP has a new programming model



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