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Apr 22, 2008 at 01:00 PM

Missing functions in BEx 7


Hi specialists,

I'm missing some functions in BEx 7 which I know from BEx 3.5 and hope you could show me where I can find them now:

BEx 3.5 had a function "All queries in workbook"-->"Delete results". I can't find something similar in BEx 7.

And in 3.5 it was possible to choose if you want to refresh all queries in a workbook or just one special query. In BEx 7.0 there seems only to be the possibility to refresh all queries, which might be quite time-consuming and last much longer that it is needed.

The function "Return to global definitions on refresh" (query-functions) seems to be gone as well (or at least I didn't find it yet).

Could you please gimme some hint what happened to the mentioned functions?