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migrate sap system database archive repository to HTTP content server archive repository

Jan 05 at 06:52 AM


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Hi Gurus,

In my project as on date we are saving attachments like photo, pdf etc. through archive link repository say 'ZA' to personnel number..repository ZA uses system table SDOKCONT1 to store attachments. to achive this we have configured doc types in OAC2, and pointed to repositry in OAC3..table we use is TOAHR

OAC0 - ZA screenshot

OAC3 Screen shot

Now team has decided to get HTTP content server and relocated all the attachments to content server in newly created archive repository say 'ZN'. as i am new to this i am not sure what exactly i have to do to achive this. if someone can provide document/information/guide it will be very helpful for us

PS: i search on it says report RSIRPIRL can be use...but i am not able to find my system database repository 'ZA' in source category. and also i am not sure about document class to be provided.

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3 Answers

Christoph Hopf
Jan 08 at 08:52 AM

Hi Mangesh,

I think that in your situation the report RSIRPIRL is not working because "ZA" and "ZN" use different document areas, right?

If you want to migrate from archivelink to content server maybe the report DMS_KPRO_CONVERT could be a better option (see SAP note




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Christoph, Report DMS_KPRO_CONVERT you mention is to move DIR to kpro storage...but in my case files are stored in archivelink with help of FM 'ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSERT' using document are archivelink.

my both repository ZA and ZN have same document area i.e. archivelink. difference is, ZA uses SAP database and ZN uses HTTP content server.

But in report RSIRPIRL i am not able to find my ZA in source category even if i mention document area as archivelink.....i think report RSIRPIRL is only to migrate SAP Office documents.

anyway, can note 1043676 can be applicable to my case?

Mangesh Nirmale Jan 11 at 11:45 AM

Do we need to take shut down after report RSIRPIRL is executed...?

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Mangesh Nirmale Jan 25 at 03:49 AM

Does anybody know answer out there?

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