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Jan 05, 2018 at 06:35 AM

CFDI Mexico

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Prior to January, freight and discounts we're merged into the DISCOUNT IDOC segment. Which is why in 3.2 we could not show a true freight amount or discount amount on the einvoice. I am not sure if the break out is a government requirement, but even now when I do not display the DISCOUNT segment in the file I send to Solucion Factible, it is rejected for improper total.

Example Unit price is $900

Freight is 86.21

Subtotal should be $986.21 (which is not showing at the moment)

The total amounts I show are the unit price at the line item (900.00)and then the footer totals are: Totales|986.21|157.79||1146.00

When Solucion Factible does their check they are not able to find the 86.21 at the line item level so they reject as 900 +&@ does not equal 1146.00.

Hence how do I split the discount and freight in the idoc.

Any help will be suitably rewarded.