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CFDI Mexico

Jan 05 at 06:35 AM


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Prior to January, freight and discounts we're merged into the DISCOUNT IDOC segment. Which is why in 3.2 we could not show a true freight amount or discount amount on the einvoice. I am not sure if the break out is a government requirement, but even now when I do not display the DISCOUNT segment in the file I send to Solucion Factible, it is rejected for improper total.

Example Unit price is $900

Freight is 86.21

Subtotal should be $986.21 (which is not showing at the moment)

The total amounts I show are the unit price at the line item (900.00)and then the footer totals are: Totales|986.21|157.79||1146.00

When Solucion Factible does their check they are not able to find the 86.21 at the line item level so they reject as 900 +&@ does not equal 1146.00.

Hence how do I split the discount and freight in the idoc.

Any help will be suitably rewarded.

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1 Answer

Jelena Perfiljeva
Jan 09 at 05:27 PM

What IDoc are you talking about exactly? We just use standard INVOIC02 and it doesn't have such segments. If it's a custom segment then it's not a question for SCN (we wouldn't know anything about this).

If this is, indeed, a standard segment and you're using only SAP standard functionality for this then open an incident with SAP Support.

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The IDoc for CFDI Mexico is not INVOIC02.

Anyway thanks for the response.


If you still would like to get an intelligent answer then share more details, such as full name of the IDoc and segment. (See this blog on how to ask good questions.) If you don't expect further assistance then close the question (see this blog).