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Customize log-off url in AJAX framework page (Netweaver Portal 7.5)

Jan 05 at 06:15 AM


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Hello Experts,

I am trying to customized log-off url based on certain conditions in AFP.

As of now ,we are using classic framework page where we have GetLogoffURL(IPortalComponentRequest request) method in Masthead to implement custom code. This GetLogoffURL() method is called on "logoffform" action ( <form name="logoffForm" style="display:none;position:absolute;top:-5000;left:-5000" action="<%=GetLogoffURL(componentRequest)%>" method="POST">). The custom log-off url is set in the method GetlogoffURL() based on the header variable (String strHeader = request.getServletRequest().getHeader("JUNIPER_URL");).

I would like to implement same functionality in AJAX framework page. Upon digging into the JS file of AFP resource, I found sessionPlugin.js file , where I could see the code for logoff form.

var form = document.createElement('form');

form.method = 'post'; = 'none';


form.action = logoffURLComponent; = "_top";



Following code is present too: form.action=logoffURLComponent where is seems that logoffURLComponent is initialized in the below code

//the init function is activated from NavigationFPMListener

var init = function (initExternalUrl,initSilent,initLogoffURLComponent) {

externalUrl =initExternalUrl;

silent =initSilent;

logoffURLComponent = initLogoffURLComponent;


My query is how do I implement logoffURLComponent in this AJAX framework page as its already being initialized? Should I create a new method(similar to getlogoffURL() whose return value I will assign to logoffURLComponent in "init" method?



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Fabio Sarmento
Mar 27 at 04:05 PM
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