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Former Member
Apr 22, 2008 at 11:39 AM

Table Maintenance Problem


Hi to all,

I have problem in Table Maintenance.

I have created a table maintenance for the table which is having 166 fields.

It is creating table maintenance but not showing all the fields.

Is there any limitation for number of fields?

It is creating with warning message "Table/view <tabname> contains too many fields"

Table/view <table> contains too many fields

Message no. SV619


The table/view <table> fields can not be completely displayed on the screen 002.

System Response

The generation continues,but the screen does not contain all fields


You have the following possibilities

You can edit the screen 0002 manually and position the missing fields manually.

You can change the maintenance type appropriately, or reduce the number of fields

of the table/view definition in the Data Dictionary. In this case, you must re-generate

I have added one field by editing the screen 0002 as per the message given above but it is giving following error while activating the screen.

"Internal storage for screen LOAD (799803 bytes) is not available"

Could anybody please give me your views on this problem.