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SD Error VL150 trigger during VL01n.

Jan 05 at 02:29 AM


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I tried to search before posting this question but so far no luck to find the answer.

Our set up. SD and MM basically.

Sales Order, Inventory, Delivery

No MRP, No PP, WM etc.

I have available stock of 100 for SKU ABC.

I created a Sales Order with 1 pc for SKU ABC.(VA01)

I tried to create Delivery (VL01n) but this error VL150 keeps on triggering.

MMBE and MD04 shows I have 100 PCS available

in CO09, stock Storage location XXX

Rec/Req Qty -100

Confirmed = NIL

Cumulative ATP = 0

This is happening only to one specific SKU ABC. The rest of the SKU/Inventory have the same set up but can process VL01n without any error..

SKU ABC field Availability Check in material master is '01'

Any thing I can do to release/ ensure that 100PCS can be allocated to all sales order that will be created without any ATP error?

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Have you tried V_RA?


Please share screen shots from Schedule Line category, MD04, MMBE.

Kamlesh Kumar Arya

am using standard schedule line item category CP.

MD04 and MMBE shows stocks are available in Plant and Storage location.

in CO09 - there is one specific storage location where cumulative ATP is 'Empty' or zero. This is the one confusing me since there are available stock in MMBE and MD04.

Again , we are not using MRP,PP, RLT, Safety Stock etc.

Kamlesh Kumar Arya


I never tried this V_RA before. what does this do? I tried to read some document but not sure.

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Phanikumar Valiveti Jan 08 at 05:16 AM

Have you Re-run the availability check at Sales order again...(go to Va02>>environment in menu bar>>>Avblty)-What system showing then..

Is there any delivery blocks found in this order at the time of creation of the sales order?(header delivery block/Schedule line delivery block/Customer delivery block)

I dont understand your words***SKU ABC field Availability Check in material master is '01****

Is the Stock keeping Unit with material ABC?(SKU ABC)-do you face this issue specific to one specific UOM only?

Please follow Mr Glynnc williams SD book on delivery blocks-where he clearly mentioned once delivery block found during creation of an SO,even you removed it later at config level-Still you need to remove this block manually at transaction level-Is this Happening in your case?

Please update.


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Hello Phanikumar,

There is no delivery block at sales order.

When I execute availability, the acumulative ATP available is ZERO for that storage location.

In the material master , under Sales->General Plant field 'Availability Check' is maintained with value of '01'.


Do you mean to say that you run availability based on Plant and Storage location.(hope you are entering Storage location manually at SO level-Pl confirm)

What your MMBE says..(Plant+Stor loc)

What CO09 says for this Availability check-Pl share the screen shots for better understanding..


Phanikumar Valiveti

Hello Phanikumar,

Yes. am running availability based on Plant and Storage location .

va02- select line item- menu- environment- vailability.

MMBE shows 500 PCE under plant and respective storage location.

CO09 it shows the following

Recv/Req Qty Confirmed cumulative ATP qty

StLcSt - 0001 Storage Location 500 0 0

I cannot upload screenshot am getting error.


here is another similar cases, the SKU ABC under Plant THAI and Sloc 0001 is zero

co09.png (36.3 kB)
mmbe.jpg (52.9 kB)

If your issue is not addressed, then, don't close the discussion with "Best Answer", as it will lead to confusion.


***MMBE shows 500 PCE under plant and respective storage location****-But your screen shot says 294 PCE...

*****StLcSt - 0001 Storage Location 500 0 0*****-Are you checking this with details screen(Shift+F1) after CO09 execution?

One more-why are you using checking rule B for Sales order(it is meant for Deliveries)..

Pl confirm.



Yes, am using 'B' as the error is trigger during delivery.

My sample is 500 there is going transaction since I post this question now its only 294.

The same issue /error message appearing for that specific sales order

And even if I use 'A' the same CO09 values appears as B

There is zero qty in the accumulated ATP qty


It certainly looks strange that the Cumulative ATP Quantity is zero in the above screenshot (as it looks like there are no requirements using the 294 in stock). Are you using the ATP server as described in note 99999?


Hello Noel,

Yes. its kind a strange that is why am confuse what is causing this issue.

No. am not using any ATP related to note 99999.. what is this note by the way?

Thanks again.


That note describes how to set up an ATP server - useful for performance reasons, but sometimes discrepancies can occur. I thought that might be the case here.

Actually, I think I mis-read your screenshot earlier - I assumed you had no requirements under the storage location. However, looking at it now, I can see that you have all the storage location levels 'collapsed' so that we do not see the requirements. For the storage location, we can see that there are 294 in stock. If you double click on the storage location, it should 'expand' the receipts / requirements for that storage location. My guess is that you will see requirements (e.g. sales orders / deliveries etc.) that are using the 294 you have in stock. Therefore, the cumulative ATP quantity is = zero.

It would be the same for your first storage location where you have 1 in stock but zero in cumulative ATP quantity. If you double click on that, you should see a requirement with a confirmed quantity of 1 meaning you have zero in stock which is why you also see zero for that storage location.

Ultimately, it is hard to judge wth the screenshot you have provided as we cannot see the full list of receipts / requirements for the respective storage location.


Thanks Noel.

This is the detail list when I double click the storage location. Can you help to explain why there is ATP of 175 in detail but zeron at summary for that storage location. Am I missing something to interpret here? thanks again.

co09.png (12.4 kB)
G Lakshmipathi
Jan 05 at 06:55 AM

Might be some safety stock is maintained in master data. Not sure, whether you have checked in CO09 which will show the exact status.

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Thank G. I don't have any safety stock, lead time maintain in the material master.

Again. The MRP are not use/activated in Material master and in our process.