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Apr 22, 2008 at 09:45 AM

MSS: Employee Search: Data View


Hi All,

I need a few clarifications regarding the Data View of Employee Search/Team Viewer iview.

1)"Click"ability of Employee in Data View

2)"Click"ability of any other object type, like Org Unit or Position in the Data View

After my trials, I'd like to know the following.

If I use the delivered object selection rules (in SPRO config), I'm able to click on the employee (i.e there's a link under the employee name in the Data View). If I use any other rule (a custom object selection rule with evaluation path O-S-P) I dont get the "link" under the employee name in the data view. Any reasons for this behaviour? or any rules regarding an object selection rule?

If I display Positions or Org Units in the Data View, they are not clickable either. Is this not allowed? Is Data View only to display employees?

If there's any other forum I'm more likey to get an answer, please lead me there.