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Apr 22, 2008 at 09:34 AM

Header Text And Item Text in Sales Order


Dear ALL

First one:

I have two different problems with text in sales order, when i create sales order after giving all the information like customer and material.

If i navigate through the Go To-- > Header ---> Text then there is a dump is any idea what all i need to check?


Error Message

A RAISE statement in the program "SAPLOLEA " raised the exception

condition "CNTL_ERROR".

Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior program

in the hierarchy, processing was terminated.

Short description of exception condition:

For detailed documentation of the exception condition, use

Transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can take the called

function module from the display of active calls.

The termination occurred in the ABAP/4 program "SAPLOLEA " in


The main program was "SAPMV45A ".

The termination occurred in line 27

of the source code of program "LOLEAU02 " (when calling the editor 270).


Second one:

when i am creating the sales order without enter the quantity , customer and material if i navigate through the Header Text or item Text i can able to go but there in no dump, the moment i enter the quantity for the material then it over writes all the text in item and header.

Any suggestions please?

Thanks & Regards,